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.*Childbirth Education 

Class Size: 3 - 5 couples per class.

Bring your partner and learn all you need to know to understand the birth process and how to get through it with a positive ending.  Classes are held in my home.  You will be learning in a very relaxed home like enviroment.  My classes are geared twoard women looking for a medication free/Nautural childbirth experience.  

Please call for more information and details of classes.  Class Schedule:

Please e mail me for current class schedule dates

Cost of Sessions:

$100.00 - class (Payment Plans avalible) sign up with a pregnant friend and get a discount.

$150.00 - in home private classes


My Back Up Doula:

Heather D Hill, CLD


Elevation Now, P.C. for chiropractic care during pregnancy as well as for your entire family.

From their website - We are committed to providing your family with the highest quality of wellness chiropractic care available so that you and your family can enjoy an active healthy life. We will be working together to help you and your family reach your health and wellness goals.

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General Pregnancy Information

Internet Information


Do not be afraid to go out and find your own information if you have questions or just want to know. Being informed is a great thing.


For pregnancy and stage information:



 “Off Label” use of the drug Cytotec (misoprostol) and its dangers




Regarding Cesarean births



Regarding Breast feeding



For Diapers and other information



For natural products

    - making your own wipes and diaper rash cream