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Now Making Belly Casts

Why Do A Belly Cast? Belly casting is a GREAT way to remember your beautiful pregnant shape in years to come.  It’s also a great way to compare your self from one pregnancy to the next. 

  ( <--Before any sanding, tripping or decorating)


How Long Does it Take?  The style of belly cast you want will decide on the time.  It’s usually about 1 hour or less. 

I will come to your home or you to mine.  If you live out of Grand Junction there will be mileage charge (sorry, the price of gas is killing me)


What Do I do with it when is done?  Great Questions.  Belly casts make wonderful wall hangings.  After your cast has sat about a week you can then sand it and paint it anyway you like.  You then drill two small holes in it and hang it on the wall.  Visit to see a few belly casts I have done.  Normally the mother decorates her own cast.  The way it’s decorated is usually a personal preference.  Visit to see many different decorating ideas.




How much does it cost?  $75.00




When Should I have my belly cast made?  There is not a right or wrong answer.  You want to wait till near the end of the pregnancy so you can be at your most shapely point possible.  I recommend anywhere between 35 & 38 Weeks.


How do I get this set up?  Call me anytime 970-640-8096 or e mail and we’ll set up a time that works for both of us.